About Me


My name is John, I was born into a miners family in Yorkshire, and was not very bright (or so it seemed at the time)

Well after the Miners Strike of the 1980's my folks decided to get outta Dodge and set up our homestead elsewhere.

So my Dad, moved jobs within the National Coal Board (what was better known as NCB) from been an electrical engineer down the mines, to become a researcher in the Research Centre here in the Midlands.

And so, as part of the training my dad had to do was to build a computer from the kit he was given, well, with him been an electrical engineer, he soon sorted the build out.

But then he had to code it, now if my memory serves me, it was called an ORIC.

So when my dad was busy with other stuff E.g. WORK lol, I started to read the coding manual and started to learn the basic language command  structure. Soon after that I kept pestering my dad if I could have a go and see what I could do, well one of my dads lessons was to code a "MineSweeper" type game.

Well he let me loose on it, It was a battle of the generations, father vs son, on who could code the better game and the quickest.

Well Guess who won 😉 YUP, Me!!!!

Anyways, soon after that, my folks realised that I had a talent for this new technology and decided to buy a computer for the family, this was no mean feat, as my folks where not rich or well off, but managed, so they decided that the "Family" holiday would be cancelled that year, so they could afford a "Commodore VIC20" 😀

And this is where my commodore life starts off and my 6502 journey begins.

I hope you enjoy my adventure into the web world, and enjoy my videos.

Thank you