Tutorial 37 - Hunckback, Return of Quazzy

We have finally started this new Tutorial.

Tutorial 37 : Hunchback, Return of Quazzy, will be a community project for all you guys to join in and have fun learning gaming techniques and 6502 coding.

This project will go as fast as the slowest coder, we are not going to leave anybody behind.

The rules of this project is that you must commit to developing one or more areas of the game, and contribute to the development to other areas.

Now, I asked my Partreons, "What Platform and Assembler?" would they like to code on, and the final answer was Kick Assembler and VSCode Text Editor.

So here we go:

Tutorial 37:01 - Set Up Dev Environment

Tutorial 37:02 - The Basics of GIT

Tutorial 37:03 - GIT Branching and Merging using VSCode

Unboxing and Setup of Raspberry Pi 4 4GB

Tutorial 37:04 - VSCode and Python On Pi

Tutorial 37:05 - Set Up Raspberry Pi Desktop Dev

Tutorial 37.06 - Learning the BASICS of Python

Tutorial 37.07 - Getting Started With PyGame