Tutorial 37.2 : Hunchback Revisited - The Community Game Dev (6502 Edition)

This is a continuation of the previous series where we take a Classic C64 Game and try and revamp it for the modern day gamer. This project will be coded by myself and anybody else that wants to have a go.

We will be looking at art and the graphics, and with contributions from the community, as well as implementing the many libraries that we have developed into the game and the pitfalls of that too.

We are going to re-write this game as we have learnt a lot writing "Nicos Run" and reverse engineering "Myriad", and so going to implement some of the things we have learnt.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Tutorial 37.2 : Episode 01

Tutorial 37.2 : Episode 02

Tutorial 37.2 : Episode 03

Tutorial 37.2 : Episode 04

Tutorial 37.2 : Episode 05