Tutorial 31 : Ep 09 – OSK BASIC Graphics Commands (6502)

This is a new video development series I am currently doing on stream @ www.twitch.tv/OldSkoolCoder

This development series is about creating our own set of BASIC Commands that will allow us to do graphics with in BASIC programs for the Commodore 64.

We will discover how to make your own BASIC Interpreter extensions for the commands we are about to develop as well as understand how we can store and retrieve bits in memory and display on the C64 screen.

In this episode we continue to develop the BASIC Commands for this BASIC Extension, this episode add some more BASIC commands such as REVERSE, BOX and RJOY.

I hope you find this interesting, as this is more of an application style development instead of game style development.

You can get all the tutorials and source code from my Git Hub Repository at https://github.com/OldSkoolCoder/