Tutorial 36 – Text Scrolling

Episode 01 – Text Scroller in BASIC

Here is a new mini series that I did over the festive period of 2019 / 2020.

This series is four (turned out to be five) videos.

The topic of these videos is TEXT Scrolling, both BASIC and SMOOTH. I have Called this series Tutorial 36 : Text Scrollers

In this video we write a BASIC text scroller in BASIC… lol, bit of a mouthful there. This is to understand the basic mechanics around text scrolling before we go and tackle the machine code side of things 🙂

Episode 02 – Text Scroller in Assembly

In this video we write a BASIC text scroller in 6502 Assembly, which we convert the BASIC Program to Machine Code.

Episode 03 – Hi Res Text Scroller in Assembly

In this video we attempt to write a SMOOTH text scroller in Assembly.

But not doing it the easier way like Gray Defender did : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u68LfzQ0cpQ which is a really good example of how to do smooth text scrolling in 6502 assembler.

But to do it a way, more technical and clever 🙂 You will see

Episode 04 – Hi Res Smooth Text Scroller the VIC Way

In this video we take the C64 Hi-Res smooth scroller, and port it over to the VIC20 😉 Yes, I did a VIC 20 Smooth Text Scroller using the C64 code (with minor changes).

Episode 05 – Interrupt Driven Smooth Text Scrolling

In this video we take the TEXT scrolling to a new level.

This time we use the VIC II chip to perform the scrolling for us. They say it could not be done… (Only Joking), but here it is.

A smooth scroller using standard characters, No Hi-Res trickery, just bare C64 VIC II Magic.