Tutorial 37:01 – Set Up Dev Environment, Hunckback Return of Quazzy

Hi Guys,

Here we go again, A brand new Development Series, but his time where we all contribute to the development of the game.

AND THAT GAME IS “HUNCHBACK” Yes, after an intense debate around all things development “Hunchback” was chosen, using the development tools “Kick Assembler” and VS Code.

So here we are, the first episode, and in this episode we will be setting up the Dev Environment using the RetroGameDev Dev Enviroment as a base. I have done both Windows (https://youtu.be/FRtRmshiiUs?t=994 16:23) and Linux (https://youtu.be/FRtRmshiiUs?t=293 4:55)

I will be converting the Macros from Derek Morris’s Framework to Kick Format, to allow us to have much greater flexibility in our Development Strategy.

If you would like to Join us, then please let me know.