Tutorial 37:03 – GIT Branching and Merging using VSCode

Here we go again, A brand new Development Series, but his time where we all contribute to the development of the game.


So now you have set up your development environment, and I have given you the basics of GIT, and how to use it, I thought I would delve into the world of BRANCHING and MERGING within GIT.

This can allow many people to be developing on the same source code at the same time, by branching the code off for that individual, and the merge it back into the master branch code of the repo.

This technique we will use to develop hunchback 😉 have fun…

P.S. Linux does it again :S

Yes we will have to use this tool if we want to collaborate and develop this game and also its GOOD PRACTICE.

The reason we are doing this, is that you will be given contributor access to a GIT Hub Repo in the future, and so we need to have the ability to share what we have done easily.

Anyways, he is the basics of GIT (locally)