Tutorial 39-06 : Game Development For Cassette 50 Competition (6502)

In December 2020 the RVG Squad (with the help of Shallan50k https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFjZzzJO_rXmr4FeBSf2rcQ to create a competition for C64 developers to develop a game that could only run in the first 4k of ram, this mean you could not use any memory above the $1000 limit, except for using the C64 I/O chips, Eg. Colour Ram, Sprites etc.

This competition would be running till the end of March 2021 : https://itch.io/jam/the-c64-cassette-50-charity-competition

Now the competition is nearly over, here is part six of a 10 part development series where we develop four games for this competition, which you can see now in the entries of the competition on itch.io 🙂

In this video, we continue to take the VIC20 CLASSIC, SKRAM 20 and remaking it for the C64 in PETSCI Mode, this is the first of many streams dedicated to make the side scroller from scratch.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

This stream took place on 18th January 2021

You can get all the tutorials and source code from my Git Hub Repository at https://github.com/OldSkoolCoder/